MNE Fellow Award

MNE Fellow Award 2016

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To promote micro- and nano-engineering in Europe, the MNE Steering Committee recognizes a researcher or engineer every year who has made outstanding contributions to fields addressed by the MNE conference. The aim is to honor a researcher or engineer who has strong research roots in Europe by having worked in Europe for an important part of his/her career. The successful candidate must have inspired the MNE community by his/her leadership or outstanding work. This could, for example, be through leadership in the successful development and commercialization of a technology, the pioneering of a method or development of a tool with significant impact on current research or manufacturing methods, or an outstanding invention.

This year’s price will be conferred to

Prof. Nico de Rooij

a pioneer in MEMS and sensor technology, professor emeritus at the EPFL Lausanne and Vice-President at CSEM SA.

The award ceremony will take place during a Plenary Session of the MNE Conference.

In previous years the MNE Fellow Award was bestowed to:

  • Dr. Haroon Ahmed from University of Cambridge (founder of Microengineering conference, which became the Micro & Nanoengineering conference) at MNE 2003, Cambridge
  • Dr. Peter Vettiger from IBM Research – Zurich at MNE 2005, Vienna
  • Dr. Mike Hatzakis from NCSR Demokritos Athens at MNE 2006, Barcelona
  • Dr. Bruno Murari from ST Microelectronics at MNE 2010, Genoa
  • Dr. Luc Van den Hove from IMEC at MNE 2011, Berlin
  • Dr. Hans Löschner from IMS Nanofabrication AG in Austria at MNE 2012, Toulouse
  • Prof. Dr. Dieter Kern from the University of Tübingen at MNE 2014, Lausanne
  • Dr. Emile van der Drift from Technical University of Delft at MNE 2015, The Hague